Local food acts as a legacy left by the older generation and it often comes into mind when one decided to visit some places.

Malaysia has always been known as a multicultural country. The variety of delicious local food cuisine represent different cultures and also brings back childhood memories for the locals whether from the appearance or the taste, it is just unique in its own way.

However, the historical local food are facing a hard time as the lifestyle of the local hawkers have been changed and the pressure as well as challenges have pulled back the traditional brands from sustaining and moving forward in the economy revolution era.


Galeeveurs Berhad (GB) is formed as an integrated F&B Accelerator hub focusing on helping F&B operators to evolve and move towards digitization . The company is founded by a group of F&B entrepreneurs who are passionate in preserving the local food culture and bringing it into another level of local food revolution era.

Our focuses are on bringing automation into food service and advanced technology used for continuity of food innovation which leads to improve customer dining experience and satisfaction.

We welcome and encourage the local businesses to join us today a taking part and putting effort in saving our local food culture for the upcoming generation in the near future. Besides consolidating local delicacies, joining forces can induce a lift up for brand awareness as well.

GB carries a mission to become a recognized icon in representing the local food industry locally as well as internationally and a 5 years vision in becoming the largest F&B accelerator platform in South East Asia.

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