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SunnyCha is a homegrown brand that seeks to rejuvenate the essence and spirit of the original cha (tea), which is not merely a drink, but an experience with a plethora of health benefits for the mind, body and soul.

Our cha is specially handcrafted using the finest tea leaves and real ingredients to create our range of tantalising beverages. We take our brewing methods seriously as we pore over the tiny details in order to maximise the quality and flavours of our cha.

We believe that creativity is the key in innovating the cha experience, which is equally as fun as it is modern. Our drinks not only will satiate the palates of serious cha drinkers, but also tingle the taste buds of the fun cha drinkers who prefer something unique.


SunnyCha is steeped in tradition, which is why its vision is to preserve and cultivate a society that enjoys Asian cha (tea).


To achieve our vision, we have constantly innovate our cha (tea) by fusing traditional and modern methods and recipes.

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  • LOT 10

  • Sunway Pyramid

  • One Utama

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